Alexander Zaverev in the Roland Garros semifinal against Rafael Nadal on June 3, 2022. Photo: EFE

Rafael Nadal of Spain and Alexander Zaverev of Germany played a great match in the semifinals of Roland Garros on June 3, 2022. However, an injury changes the course of the match.

After playing for three hours in the second set, the German twisted his ankle. The second set was 6-6, in a match that the first set was 7-6 for Nadal.

Moving to the right and trying to get to a ball, Zverev twisted his ankle and fell to the ground.

I was in a lot of pain from the sprain. The doctors at the tournament tried to help him resume the match, but the athlete could not continue.

A tough opponent

Nadal is now the top favorite to win the Roland Garros, but after defeating Serbia’s Novak Djokovic in the quarter-finals, the Spaniard had to finish what he left off well, and this will now happen to defeat German Alexander Zaverev in the semifinals. Among his most uncomfortable rivals.

By the time he turns 36, Manakor’s talent will have to take a new step towards winning his fourteenth tournament and twentieth Grand Slam in Paris, which is clearer than the start of the tournament after being knocked out last Tuesday night. To the world number one and defending champion.

That match of unusual intensity on the circuit, Chapter 59 of the greatest rivalry in history, left a feeling that the tournament could not go on any longer, but Nadal himself recalled that there were still two steps to go to win the title.

Zverev, the world’s third racket, has now appeared on the horizon, while Croatian Marin Cilic and Norwegian Caspar Rudd will play in the other semifinals, far from the level of the Spaniards.

For this reason, the focus is on the match against the Germans, the most uncomfortable opponent the Spaniard faced, because of the power of his service and the strength of his backhand, the weapon with which he buried the Spanish Carlos Alcaraz. In the quarterfinals, another candidate to win the title in four sets.

The 25-year-old German will play in the second semifinal in a row at Roland Garros, aiming to reach the Grand Slam final for the second time in his career, after the 2020 US Open when he lost to the Austrian Dominic Theme.

The Spaniard started out as a favorite, having not shown any signs of physical problems in the final tournament in Rome since arriving in Paris, although both he and his group kept a secret about his true condition.
This suspicion, which the tennis player is responsible for reducing his presence in every press, is the only thing that clouded his future, which is otherwise flattering.
His coach, Carlos Moy, assured that “he is doing the rhythm and fine tuning of his tennis” and, as he demonstrated in the doubles match against Djokovic, “he responds when demanded.”

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