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Youngsters will now be able to know their Transformer test scores

Secretary of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (Sensisit) Announced that from this Friday, the afternoon of April 8, 2022, those who took the Transform test will receive a Email With test results.

Candidates with that mail Third level education They will also get the results of the vocational examination.

Through the information provided, young people will be able to know the grade obtained in each of their qualifications; And their choice and affiliation for the career according to what they have indicated in the vocational examination.

Senescyt clarifies that Transform test results Not consistent with application score. This is equivalent to the academic record or grade of 50% and other 50% of high school graduates.

Although the test was scheduled for March 23, 2022, the test date was postponed due to a technical failure.

According to one report, total 327,000 applicants They have registered in a quota in universities and institutes of the country for giving transformer test.

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