Applicants for higher education have received a reportTransform test results And this one has a lot of items. Secretary of Higher Education (Sensisit) Released a video detailing how this information was created, which would be half the score to apply for a third-tier career.

The first part of it Report What resembles a brief explanation Transformation. At the end of this section you will see the name of the applicant, their ID number and the date on which they evaluated. There are total scores obtained.

Maria Christina AguirreThe Under-Secretary of Access to Higher Education has indicated that, following this, there is a table that summarizes the four. Qualifications Assessed and scores obtained in each of them: verbal, numerical, logical, attention and concentration. There are also total scores.

On the second page Candidate You get a written explanation of how you are doing in each skill. It is accompanied by a Graphic.

Professional interests

Test report Transformation Includes a section with its results Vocational guideline test. It contains a list of careers and a table with a percentage of each of them interest, skill and level of competence.

Aguirre explains that Qualifications and interests are opposite And this results Relationship level. In addition, the report advises applicants on which career they will be eligible for.

Information, Under Secretary out, a Tool It is important for applicants at universities and institutes to make informed and responsible decisions about what to apply for.

Applicants are waiting to meet Academic offer With reference application score. Senescyt has not yet released this information, which is important for high school graduates’ career choices.

Senescyt has announced that those who have taken the Transform test will receive an email. The Secretariat explains how the application score works. Https://

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