Members of Parliament of the Bench unes Three charges were filed against the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Lorry in Guadalupe (PK), who was accused of “corruption, tithes and piponazgo”.

The two allegations entered the Documentary Management window of Parliament Marcela Holguin Y. Ferdinand AlvarezFrom Unes, when his coideario Ronnie Alega He went to the state attorney general’s office to investigate whether the allegations against Laurie would be investigated for embezzlement.

“These allegations are aimed at removing him from his position as MLA,” Alega said.

The Complaint Plenary session 772 was delivered before it was installed, where the PSC appealed to the presidency to Lori in Guadalupe, when he made some calls Risk management And it did not give way to a request from UNES to change the day’s order and form a multi-party commission to investigate it.

Holguin said the lorry cost “An apparent case of tithing”Between July and September 2021, he will force four of his associates to rent a Ford Explorer.

In the trial, he assured that he had the invoice and pointed out to the general protocol coordinator of the assembly among the victims.

For his part, Alvarez has accused Lori InfluenceHe did not investigate the activities of Orleana’s prefect when he questioned whether the wife of Orleana’s prosecutor, Poe Palacios, had been appointed coordinator of Human Talent.

“There is an exchange of grace and Potential impact sales So that prosecutor Poe Palacios does not investigate the allegations that the president of the assembly, while holding the position of prefect of Orellana, was accused of various corruptions, “he said.

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