Get into the water Yambo Lagoon In your own car it rarely takes four minutes.
East Natural landscape Has become, in the last year, a real one Tourist center Which attracts the attention of citizens and foreigners.

Time to appreciate Lakes From the top of the lookout they were left behind. The same thing happened with the fear of sailing in these unexpected waters.

Today, tourism has arrived Iamb Forced and more people are seen swimming every weekend The mythical lagoon.

Until five years ago, only those who dared to explore Depth From Iamb They were professional divers. That’s how I remember Roberto Iza, a resident of the sector. He survived 15 minutes from Lagoon and said that Diver From America And Europe was the only one that came to this site for more than 20 years. “Most of the Restrepo brothers came to look for the remains, but they did not find them. I think people were afraid of it, “he said.

Also, there is an urban legend that created fear: the passage of a ghost train at midnight. According to Yambo residents, the sound of a locomotive falling into the lagoon a few years ago can be heard at the end of the day. But today all these myths have been distorted, as more and more people dare to spend the night on the coast and around the lagoons.

In fact, it is one of the most representative attractions in the area. In the surrounding hills Iamb The restaurant is designed to offer romantic or family dinners.

Its location on the slope has created a path adorned with torches and candles. The light of this path can easily be confused with a foreign landscape in our country.

John Cortez, a tourist who visited the lake 15 days ago, said he felt like he was there Jerusalem Or the same Greece.

So more than one has been encouraged to ask for the hand of his beloved in this landscape. Birthdays and gatherings of friends are also celebrated in this Andean Corner.

But there are different types of accommodation options. There is an exclusive area for camping with friends and family. But for those who like to spend the night with their partner, there is a complete comfort glamping Or luxury cabins.
There they offer an open-air movie and a campfire that lasts all night, ideal for some enjoyment. marshmallows Or a bottle of wine.

Cost for Partner Prices start at USD 95. In the camping area on the other hand, the cost is USD 5.

On one side of the lagoon is a huge parking area for all tourists. Space is free.

However, there is more attraction during the day. The Yambo Lagoon It is not only a walking route but also a port with various boats.

Tourists can enter the 30-minute ride for মার্কিন 3 Kayak. This is a safe activity that will definitely allow you to see the animals and plants of the lagoon.

In this attraction you can navigate along with wild ducks and native birds. In addition, they will visit several Island Algae which is a big similar Patti Green

There are boats for less adventurous people who travel the whole way Lakes Including music and folk dance.

With all these attractions can be filmed from the air Drones. A team specialized in this technology records at USD 5.

But if sailing is not your strength, there is one on the shores of the lake Attraction With cradle and children’s play. Also, in the morning the residents usually sell simple food from Sierra, such as fried beans, broad beans with melocos and corn with cheese.

Thus, Yambo became a tourist power Mountains.

For those whose fort heights, a Tarabita runs through some part of the lagoon. The journey is monitored by trained personnel
The wooden cabins are located on the shores of the lagoon for groups of friends and couples. Accommodation is very comfortable.

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