The women of the community gathered at the Jose Marti Roundabout, avs. America and Mariana de Jesus. Photo: Diana Vinueza / EL Commerce

Different women Indigenous communities And social organizations self-appealed on June 25, 2022, at the Jose Marti Roundabout, USA and Mariana de Jesus Avenue, demanding an end to violence during the 13-day celebrations this Saturday. They also said they would not leave Quito Until there is a real dialogue and until the 10 points presented by the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador are met (No)

The women form a ‘sacred circle’ with fire and ancestral plants and create one Clear After the collective they spoke and said that they would not leave until the required 10 points of Kanai were met. They called on the government to stop the repression and violence suffered by their comrades in the struggle.

“We will continue to fight for our lives, for our children and to see a non-violent, non-racial Ecuador. They can’t silence women’s voices because we are not one, we are thousands, “she said. Zenaida Yadakama, Vice President Of No.

He further assured that they are always open Dialogue But when the last meeting was held, they waited in vain for seven months for a reply from the government. He said that’s why they came to Quito to find a dialogue, but they only got violence. He said dialogue is not with bullets, dialogue is not with manpower.

Representatives of the Pastazar Amazon community also called on the government to end the violence. Feminist organizations and women from Rights People

They took out a peaceful procession around 12 noon Avenue America Towards Central University In Ecuador where they were going to set up a women’s assembly to discuss what steps they would take in organizing.

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