In Bielefeld, West Germany, a judge for the first time faces a lawsuit that, according to him, “must go over the book”, because Difficulty Which made a woman Commit The Crime.

According to the German media ‘Neue Westfälische’, what happened between a 39-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man, who first met in 2021 through an application and started a relationship. Agreed relationship Which means just keep going Sexual intercourseNot involved Emotionally.

However, the woman’s development begins Feelings By humans, so he decided to damage their used condoms Holes open for themHoping to stay Pregnant And perhaps it will manage to maintain one of them Emotional relationships. Without telling him what happened Sexual partner.

Still not achieving her goal, the woman decided to write a text message to the man stating that she could expect a child and because of this Confusion From him Sexual partnerHas admitted to staying Damaged The CondomsSo the man introduced himself Charge In between Against.

Judge A. hearing the case The court Women have been declared in West Germany Guilty From Sexual harassment And a six-month suspended sentence.

Why was it considered a landmark case?

According to the German media ‘Neue Westfälische’, the case was considered “historic” because the judge did not know immediately. Location I know Will reward Per Women.

Moreover, one had to stay Conversation About what it would be like JudgmentAlthough it was understood that there was Happened A CrimeThey weren’t sure how Call him.

In English, the word “stealthing” is used for action To fly The Condoms In the middle of the stay Sexual intercourse Inside SecretWithout the consent of the couple. Judges were very aware of this definition, but those who are usually found Guilty These are the stars Men.

At the end of the investigation, the judge said Crime From ViolationBut decided that charge Sexual harassment It was his Appropriate.

“It simply came to our notice then. ‘Theft’ also applies to the opposite case. The Condoms Left Unusable Without knowledge or Consent Of Men. This is not the case here either, “the judge said, adding that for the first time in that part of Germany, anyone had” stolen ” Women.

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