After a very exciting match, the Australian defeated the Greek and hostility began in front of the press. Kyrgios replied, “Thug? He’s a softie.”

Kyrgios, below, and Sitsipas, above, during their match.
Kyrgios, below, and Sitsipas, above, during their match.Alberto PizzaliAP
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Australian Nick Kyrgios Greek worthy Stefanos Sitcipas Of “SoftAnd protect his performance after the track Number five in the world I’ll call it that. “matn“After their exciting game Wimbledon.

Kyrgios posted a great win back from a set 6-7 (2), 6-4, 6-3 and 7-6 (7) In the fourth favorite, quotes Round of 16 With American Brandon Nakashima.

The competition was not without controversy; Kyrgios freed Sitcipas, calling for the Greeks to be disqualified after giving almost one Tell the audience At the end of the second set. Sitsipas later tried to hit the Australian twice with the ball, which hit the chair umpire. “An insult

Although Kyrgios assured that his opponent, with whom he played doubles at Wimbledon three years ago, “A great player“None of the players were in the mood for beauty at their respective press conferences.

Sitsipus accuses Kyrgios of this. “Continuous harassment“.” What he does is scare the rivals. Probably myself He was a push to school. I don’t like bullying. I don’t like people who despise other people, ”he said.

“He has some good character traits. But he also has one Too bad That, if exposed, could really cause a lot of damage and loss to the people around it, ”he added.

Kyrgios, Who has a record of four wins from five meetings against Sitsipus, responded to the criticism that the Greek was not popular on the tour and pointed to his inability to manage the match. “She is Very soft, come here and say I scolded you? It’s just soft, ”Kyrgios said.

“We are not cut from the same fabric, if you are affected by it, Anyone will kick him out of the game. I think it’s soft. I’m not sure how I scared him; He hit me with the ball, He was the one who hit the spectator, he was the one who removed himself from the game. I didn’t do anything to Stefanos that was disrespectful, I don’t think so, ”the Australian continued.

In this sense, make sure it is It was the Greeks who set up the “circus”. “I think if he plays the match, he will have serious problems. In fact, I have a lot of friends I am one of the most favorite playersKyrgios, who is just one win away from matching his best streak at Wimbledon, reached the quarter-finals in 2014 with a win. Rafael Nadal Before losing to Canadian Milos Raonic.

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