Although about eight days have passed since the slap Will Smith Towards Chris Rock in full show OscarsThe flashes continued. Tony RockComedian and Chris Rock’s brother threatened and insulted Will Smith during one of his shows.

Posted a video Shade house She registered on April 1, 2022 Chris Rock’s brother Will Smith comments and threats.

Tony’s ‘stand up’ began with “If you think you’re going to get on this stage, it’s not an Oscar”. The ceremony was held at the North Carolina (United States) Railroad shortly after Smith announced his resignation at the academy.

“You do Hit my brother Why is your girlfriend (referring to Jada Pinkett, Smith’s wife) looking at you out of the corner of her eye? ” Tony said, noting Pinkett’s uncomfortable gesture when he heard Chris’ joke.

Tony continued his show and warned, “If you can get your ass here, you won’t be nominated for anything but this disgusting hand. We’re going to blow you away for the rest of the year. Every time you see me on the show, boom! ”

During the ceremony Oscars Last March 26, Will Smith Comedian Jada Pinkett-Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face after he made a comment about his baldness in a live broadcast.

Now, Chris Rock He did not comment on what happened. The academy, for its part, has accepted Will Smith’s resignation and will hold a meeting on April 18, 2022 to discuss the entity’s code of conduct.

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