There are some doubts about its validity Post The Image Or Name Y. Surname Of one Person, Educational Institutions Is Business This is part of a legal process Ecuador.

Name and title during the investigation?

Michelle Sinara, a criminal lawyer, said this Tuesday, April 26, 2022, that the first thing to consider is Previous investigation To ensure that the prosecutor as the owner of the investigation has to look at the elements of conviction Crime. Therefore, it starts with complaints about potential The victim And there is a saying Suspicious.

At this stage Research This is it Saved. Those involved in this investigation, whether they are victims or suspects, can go and review the file, but they should not spread it. This, when there is no announcement Blame it. Since the case is still under investigation, it is a matter for third parties that is reserved.

Sinara points out that if Scatter The Name Of Person What are they doing Investigation There could be one about the potential commission of a crime Violation In it Straight Per PrivacyThe honor and reputation that has been mentioned in the constitution.

Until the prosecutor establishes that the person committed the crime, go Judgment And there is a valid judgment against him, the directed person has the right to consider Innocent.

When a formal complaint is made through the formation of a charge, there is a process before the judge and the court to determine whether he is guilty. For this reason Names cannot be disclosed Who are being investigated.

Experts point out that it should be published with a name and co Primary Of a Surname Since it is subtle to establish that a particular case of an individual is being investigated.

What will happen to the institutions?

Analysts point out that in the case of organizations, a comprehensive criminal biological code should be reviewed (COIP), But you should always look at how this information is disseminated. For example, if a company is being investigated, you can name the company, but you must specify that it is being investigated. Investigation But don’t determine more material or more information that is under investigation.

It should also be mentioned that Institutions can go against people Who spread this information. Entity could argue that there were several of them for that reason Loss Establish this loss in his honor and good name.

When can the information of the investigating person be disclosed?

Criminal experts point out that when the criminal process begins, which is accompanied by the formation of a complaint, it may already be established that a person is Accused For Crime And it will protect itself.

“In this case, when he is not a suspect and there is already a convincing element that determines the existence of the crime, the name can be revealed there. Always considering their right to be considered innocent, ”Sinara said.

Analysts recommend that it should be borne in mind that, with the new reform of COIP, the exception was made that people Obvious crime They can show their faces.

The Obvious crimeIts name says, Hall Promise Of Crime In her Moment And government authorities arrested him and took him to a flagship hearing to determine if there were appropriate legal detentions.

What if the name of the person who is not in the systematic stage is revealed?

For specialists in Criminal lawIt will depend on how it is expressed. If this is the case where you are instructed to commit a crime, it will be a cause Moral damage. In this case, you can benefit yourself from the above mentioned publication and go Citizen example Claim a Financial compensation For moral loss.

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