Evan Sakuisella, president of the National Court of Justice, will be fired for 90 days and without pay. A judge in Cuenca gave the order. Photo: Twitter Evan Sakuisela

President of the National Court, Ivan SakiselaThe defendant is currently facing a disciplinary charge for public negligence and a criminal complaint in the prosecutor’s office for alleged threats and harassment.

Complaints were lodged from both the parties Alex Annibal Guaman TumipambaA lawyer in free exercise who can provoke the dismissal of the President of the High Court of Justice of the country.

It all started on May 19, 2022, at 5:17 p.m. At that time, Guaman presented to the Judicial Council (CJ) Complaints for serious negligence. The punitive offense for which he has been nominated is related to the alleged delay in the extradition process of the former president. Rafael CorreaFrom Belgium.

After hearing these punitive allegations, the judicial department said Sakisela has been fired from his post for 90 days And referred the allegation of negligence to the National Court for two judges to determine whether there was a violation.

However, on May 27, 2022, Guam has sent a letter of withdrawal to the judiciary He noted that “the extradition process of former President Rafael Correa is proceeding normally” and “therefore there is no point in proceeding with his complaint” and there is no measure of suspension against the aforementioned judicial server.

T.Three days after the letter was sent, The lawyer reversed his decision. On May 30, 2022, he sent a document to the Judiciary, in which he approved the decision to file a criminal complaint against the Chief Justice of the High Court.

Guaman made that decision, as he had promised Sakisela “Forced him to withdraw” from his initial disciplinary charge. For this reason, he even filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office on May 28. The lawyer has accused the president of the national court of alleged extortion.

In addition to the judicial complaint, Guam has asked the prosecutor’s office to do an urgent job to preserve the device, including a recording of his conversation with Sakisela.

According to the lawyer, these audios contained evidence of allegations of pressure on the lawyer to withdraw allegations of negligence.

Who is Alex Guaman?

Guaman jumped on the public bandwagon with Sakisela’s case. About A 32-year-old man. He was born on December 15, 1989 in Quito.

He is a lawyer in the courts and courts of the Republic. He earned his third level title Central University of EcuadorIn 2019. He holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from the Harmano Miguel La Salle School.

From September 2010 and for almost two years, he worked as a project assistant for a consulting firm.

Then he started working in 2013 Ministry of Home Affairs, At the time of José Serrano. There he worked as a legal assistant on a project to strengthen the immigration control unit at Quito Airport.

Instead, since 2015 he has held the same position, legal assistant, but in the exile area. The newspaper tried to contact lawyer Guaman, but received no response.

What did Sakisela say?

The suspended president has upheld it The allegations against him are false. And assures that he never intimidated or pressured Guaman to withdraw the charges.

The head of the National Court admitted that he had spoken on the phone, but assured her that he had called her to tell her that he had “received pressure and threats from the judiciary and other people.” And that is why he has filed a complaint.

According to Sakisela, during that conversation, Guaman assured him that he was sorry For what he did, he did not measure the results when he presented the complaint to the judiciary And that’s why I was going to give up. ”

Evan #Saquicela has been removed from his post by a Judicial Council resolution. Lawyer Alex Guaman condemns him. Https://bit.ly/3lUTZFk

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