In the Panamericana dance, in the Carapungo sector, traffic is closed. Photo: Screenshot.

This June 27, 2022, the 15th day of the stoppage, Quito woke up with several people Road closed Due to the presence of protesters on the streets since 13 June.

Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) Updated information on road conditions and registered closures via his Twitter account.

These are closed

To move towards Mariscal Sucre Airport The road is open, there is no news on any route. You can pick up Zambiza, Ruta Viva, Oswaldo Guassamin Avenue, E35 and Simon Bolivar Avenue at the Alpacaka connector from Troy.

In its industry KarapungoIn Panamericana Norte, the road to Carcelen – Carapungo is also closed.

Another sector affected Karapungo- YanbalSimilarly, in Panamericana Norte and Corazรณn de Jesรบs, roads are closed. Alternative route is Eloy Alfaro Avenue.

It is more detailed, the sector said San Antonio de PichinchaThe road to Raino de Quito (Tunalahua Toll) has been completely closed.

Campuses in 15 provinces will be in online classes within the framework of the national strike. Learn what they are ยป

Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Sunday, June 26, 2022

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