Michael Estrada (left), Ener Valencia and Byron Castillo celebrate a goal scored by Ecuador against Bolivia in 2021. Photo: Tri’s Instagram.

FIFA will rule on the Byron Castillo case earlier. The assurance came from Chile following complaints from the National Association of Professional Football (ANFP).

According to the TNT Sports Portal, this June 3, 2022, FIFA has directed that the verdict be postponed from June 14 to 10, so that the final decision on the complaint filed by ANFP can be known in advance through lawyer Eduardo. Carlezo at the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) and Byron Castillo.

They emphasize that the FEF has until the 6th of this month to present its defense on information known to the public.

History of the Castillo case

In a statement issued on Thursday, May 5, 2022, the ANFP commented that the allegation was based on a false birth certificate, false declaration of age and use of false nationality. Byron Castillo.

In the text they detail that there is ample evidence against the player, in addition, they point out that there are inconsistencies in Castillo’s birth certificate in the National Directorate of Civil Registry of Ecuador.

Similarly, they noted that a commission of inquiry into the FEF had concluded that the Barcelona SC player was a Colombian national.

Castillo Ecuadorian

In recent days, it has been reported that FIFA has already settled the case, where it is assumed that only Barcelona footballer. “It’s not true, Castillo is Ecuadorian and that’s why the coach Gustavo Alfaro He invited her to a friendly match in the United States this month (June), “the leader added.

The Barcelona SC footballer joined the tri-color concentration in New Jersey on the afternoon of June 1 after resolving a legal issue of alleged paternity.

The ANFP has complained that Ecuador must Lose points Qatar’s World Cup qualifier against Chile in Qatar. The FEF, in its argument, will maintain that The nationality of the fort Ecuador is verified by the judiciary. Also, Castillo has already played in regional tournaments and the Under-17 World Cup in Chile in 2015.

The EquaFootball manager added, “Leaders and coaching staff are calm because we have won the classification honestly on the pitch.”


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