The official schedule of the Ministry of Education indicates that the school year will end on July 5, 2022, during the Sierra-Amazon rule. Photo: Diego Palero / EL Commerceo.

In a month and a half 2021-2022 school year Methodically Sierra-Amazon. It had no school activities for financial arrangements between 10 and 14 January. The purpose was to promote Vaccine The third dose for students and teachers from the age of 5 years. Classes that have been postponed Will recover at the end of the yearAccording to the provisions of the Ministry of Education.

Portfolio established School schedule For this education system, after returning to class, which was on January 17, 2022. At that time, only those institutions whose Educational Continuity Plan (PICE) was approved were present in person. The journey started from last 6th February The second quimestre100% of students are back in the classroom.

According to the ministry’s schedule, the second part of the academic year will end July 5th Sierra and Amazon. This will be the last day of school Students According to that calendar, which serves as the foundation of the educational institution. Usually, it is followed by TaxWhen private campuses have their own schedules.

July 23 to August 14 Financial teachers leave. And this is expected on September 1 New school year 2022-2023During the Sierra-Amazon regime.

How is the private campus managed?

The school year basically ended on Friday. July 1 Of 2022. This means that activities suspended in January will be resumed between Monday 4 and Tuesday 5. Private centers usually end the year before the official date, as the ministry’s schedule is only A guide.

When classes in government schools were suspended Ministry of Education If individuals, municipalities and trustees can choose Three options. The first was Qualifications In the schedule implemented in government educational institutions for vaccination. That is, postpone the established days of the class and restore them at the end of the year.

Another option for these centers was to continue Virtual class. This means that those who have chosen this option will not need to restore days, since they adhere to the 200 working days of the school year, distributed for 100 days for each semester. And the last option was that they take classes MixedThe entire project has been vaccinated with the help of students and teachers.

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