WhatsApp plans to stop working on older versions of the iPhone. Photo: Pixabay

WhatsApp Several have plans to stop work IPhone version From October 2022. This is a common measure that large service platforms take, as it is expensive to maintain the older version. It was published on this Tuesday, May 24, 2022, page The apple orchard And the Colombian newspaper Time.

This social network Plan to leave Support iOS 10 and iOS 11. In other words, users must have iOS 12 to use WhatsApp in the coming months.

On its website, the company has started informing users about this new measure to encourage them to update to the latest version.

IPhone version outside of Whatsapp

According to the new measure, iPhones outside of this operating system are as follows:

  • With iPhone 5, A6 processor and 1GB RAM from 2012.
  • From 2013 with iPhone 5c, A6 processor and 1GB RAM.

Both iPhones were left at the gate of iOS 12 without being able to update. But that doesn’t mean cell phones stop working, it just does Will not be supported Including WhatsApp updates.

According to the information From Apple itself, 7% users Those connected with it App Store In January 2022, they had software equivalent to iOS 13 or earlier. This statistic is important to point out that there is a small percentage of the entire current Apple user base that is still using earlier versions.

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