President of the Council, Lorry in Guadalupe (PK), invalidated the resolution of the Legislative Council Administrative Council (CAL) which is eligible for a process Complaint Has been brought against him by Stephen TorresRally member of the Christian Social Party (PSC).

In a video released this Tuesday, April 12, 2022 afternoon, Laurie disqualified what was done by the first vice president yesterday, Virgil Sakisela (Ind.), And members of the organization are Darwin Pereira (PK), Ronnie Allega (Ones) and Johanna Morera (ID). Neither Llori nor Nathalie Arias attended the session.

“What these legislators have decided has no legitimacy. It is the absolute void void. I want to emphasize. I have not violated my responsibilities or powers as president of the council. The allegations are baseless and do not meet the requirements, “Lori insisted.

In its resolution, d CAL is the majority Laurie was asked to convene a full meeting to form a committee immediately Multiparty Commission To investigate her, but she challenges them.

“I’m not going to give in to my own agenda Political will Of certain benches. I am not going to lend myself to Ecuador being distributed from the legislature, “he said.

“As a militant woman,” she continued, “I am not going to step aside and clear the way for the pursuit of hidden interests.” National Assembly And the Citizens’ Participation Council. ”

“They want to elect their own regulators to cover up their own misdeeds and to absolve the country of all robberies,” Lori noted, concluding that he would protect the constitution, the law and the country’s institutions.


Torres accuses Laurie Violation of duty Twice for not giving way to appeal to the Presidency and for exceeding the legal deadline for resumption of plenary session.

The defamatory legislator classified it as a “lapse calamity” that an error in one of its titles was identified in a document of complaint. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Divided criteria

Ruling party chief said at a press conference. John Ferdinand Flower, Has reduced the validity of what was done by CAL ৷ “We are not going to legitimize anything that is not legal. And here we are, not defending Lori, here we are defending institutionalism. ”

However, before Laurie’s announcement, Rafael LuceroThe head of the Pachakutik bloc said the allegations against Lori were “legally valid” and that the file was now ready to go to the plenary to form a multi-party commission.

“If the commission is formed, it will have 45 days to prepare and present a report, deciding whether to implement the plenary approval. This is a problem that is still being processed, “he said.

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