Although Barcelona lost to Akas, the outlook is favorable. Photo: Twitter Barcelona

Barcelona They have to win the next match to go to the first round Ligapro. As with any other type of outcome, it will depend on what their competitors do.

Despite losing to Akas and the football team being anxious, the outlook for the Bullfighters is favorable. Deadline Ecuador Championship. The people of Guayaquil topped the competition with 27 points.

If the defeat with Aukas has hurt her League Is Valley is independent They have won, which has not happened in any match. The stumbling blocks of the opponents served in such a way that the stage was left on a silver plate for the Canarian team.

Barcelona will get on the last date of the first episode Kumbaya At the Monumental Stadium. For this meeting he will be able to count on his people again Match without public.

The area is on his side as well as the current situation of his next opponent is not ideal. The capital team is on the verge Its zone Decrease And occupies the 14th square with 13 units.

Catholic University Joins the battle, when there is Albos and IDV. One point sets them apart from the Canary team, so, they can’t go wrong.

The Kemaratta team will decide his fate Dolphin; League, with Makara; And independent, with 9 October. Even if they win, Barcelona will not be able to reach the final of the tournament or their place will not be guaranteed if they do not puncture. Libertadores Cup 2023.

Barcelona clash

Barcelona have not won their last four matches, the incident happened locally and internationally. Before losing to Akas, he drew three times.

The Metropolitan From Venezuela Complicates its classification South American Cup With a Tie From 2-2. Inside LigaproThe Sports Quenca He took a point from her in the hour and before that, he equaled the Clasico del Estellero emelek.

On Wednesday, May 25, at 5:15 pm, you will also find out your fate internationally. The club must win Montevideo Wanderers To enter the 16th round.

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