May 4th Demand Against Brother George, Heriberto Y. Sylvia Glass Espinel. The documents ask the court to compel them to pay Maintenance Still Little boyTafg Teenager What was it Violation For George Glass Vijo, Dad Defendants

Here are five key pointers in moving forward:

Who sued Glass and his brothers

Short submissions with claims are madeAnd Juan Vizueta, lawyer Of the child’s family. In this case, the lawyer said Glass Vizo has been convicted There is Broken To a 12-year-old girl Studying In that school Invader As is practiced Director. The JudgmentSeptember 2014, a set Maintenance For the minor born by the father of the former vice president.

Background Demand

Earlier on the basis of this demand Death From Old glassOne of those who died in February 2022 Direct relative The cost of the minor must be borne. The Code From organic Childhood And the image of “adolescence.”Supportive compulsory“To take responsibility for its payment Maintenance.

The law says Of managers Yes, this Order“The Grandparents/ ace; The Brother/ Since they have reached 21 years.

Method: What comes after the case?

Once the claim is filed, Lottery Because, which falls on Judicial unit Answer 2 Family, Women, Childhood and Adolescence Guayaquil. Judge Johnny Lituma will hear the claim and appeal later Appearance Brothers Glass Spinel

Pension debt left by George Glass’s father

The application said, Dr. Old glass Payment Maintenance Until November 2021, so it will be a Loans over USD 2,000. The family claims that they are in debt to cover the expenses Food, registration Y. Pension The child and the car do not have the resources to buy at the moment School supplies And uniforms

Legal status By glass

The lawsuit against the Glass Espinel brothers comes at a time when a St. Helena’s Court Study Appeal Habeas Corpus, whose ruling allowed the former vice president to leave Cotopaxi gel Last April 10th.

George Glass is about Espinel Two final verdictsFor cases known as Bribery Y. Odebrecht. A Third verdict, for the Singu caseThe appeal is in process and will be heard in the next few days

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