Tania Tinoco was suffering from cardiac arrhythmias. Photo: Social Network

An arrhythmia is a disturbance of the rhythm of the heart. Nicasio PerezCardiologist of the Spanish Society of Cardiology, that, that Irregular heartbeat Or abnormal: too slow or too fast.

Although there are arrhythmias that do not affect normal and quality of life or those that suffer from them do not affect the functioning of the heart.

This condition is dangerous because it can cause damage if it is malignant or persists over time Heartbeat Effective, triggering a Cardiac arrest. Similarly, if left untreated with advanced resuscitation protocols, it can lead to irreversible brain injury (brain death).

He was suffering from this disease Tania TinocoWho died this Saturday, May 21, 2022. Since April 9, the 58-year-old journalist has entered Cleveland ClinicThe best cardiology hospital in the United States.

Family members did not mention the type Arrhythmia As far as I know, he had to be transferred to the country by ambulance after suffering complications.

In Cleveland he went through a Surgical intervention And, according to a close friend, he was in intensive care. Her family kept her condition secret during her hospitalization.

According to the Heart Foundation, there are three factors that can cause this disorder. Which to do with the two Electric passion Which is not created correctly or originates from the wrong site. Another reason is related to the change of path for electric transport.

Similarly, there are different Types and classification of arrhythmias: By their origin (the place of the cardiac electrical system where they are present), by their frequency (fast or slow) or by the method of their presentation (whether they be permanent or occur at certain events).

Perez warns that arrhythmias “can happen at any time, there are arrhythmias that can happen at any time Exercise Or a period The main pressure And others who give more at rest. “Therefore, it is important to be aware of the symptoms. The main signs are ThrobbingWhich can be understood as an uncomfortable sensation when noticing a heartbeat.

In some cases, the affected person feels Dizziness or chest pain. When the arrhythmia is more severe, it can lead to loss of consciousness, known as syncope.

In some cases they go unnoticed until they are detected by chance when applying diagnostic tests. In the worst case scenario, they could be a factor Sudden death.

In all cardiovascular diseases, including arrhythmias, it is important to control and constantly monitor risk factors, warns cardiologist Evan Zuleta.

Experts elaborate that there are three types of risk factors. There are variables that can be omitted and, above all, related to it Bad habits such as smoking or sedentary lifestyle. There are some irreversible causes that cannot be changed (such as age or gender) and there are some that cannot be eliminated but can be controlled to reduce the risk, such as high blood pressure.

Recommendations to prevent or reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease focus on changing habits, e.g. See dietEat a balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight, Exercise regularlyLimit alcohol consumption and do not smoke.

# Attention | Ecuadorian journalist Tania Tinoco dies this Saturday, May 21, 2022. https://bit.ly/38LfLrX

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