It was a 30-day raffle for which students, teachers and administrative staff of the center were invited. Photo: Pixabay

A week later Texas elementary school shooting A high school in Florida finished this Wednesday, June 1, where twenty children and teachers died Its annual rifles, pistols and hunting equipment.

Dr. from the last 4 May James Madison High SchoolFrom the city MadisonIn the north of the state, thirty firearms and various hunting materials were taken away every day.

“It’s for all the boys,” said the director of the Florida Center this Wednesday, June 1. Mark AckermanThe last draw, during the broadcast on Facebook, which he explained, was again very “successful.”

The draw’s “Grand Prize”, the winner of which was announced this Wednesday, was a Browning A5 Suite 16 Quick Bike ShotgunSpecially designed for bird hunting.

But the center of this rural area Florida He raffled shotguns with telescopic sights, small pistols, ammunition, thermal binoculars, a fish finder or a modern crossbow.

It was a 30-day raffle for which students, teachers and administrative staff of the center were invited. The price of each ballot was USD 100 and the maximum limit was 600 ballot sales.

This draw was interrupted Robbery genocide in primary schoolOf UvaladeTexas, where 19 children and two teachers died on May 24.

Ackerman He postponed the draws the next day “in honor of this tragic event”, although they resumed a few days later.

However, the draw did not stop on 14 May Shooting in New York City Of The buffaloOf which 10 died, the most African Americans.

With a small drum led by the school’s vice principal, Patrick WhiteResponsible for drawing the ballot with the names of the winners, this Tuesday, May 30, the raffle resumed and the lucky ones who carried weapons and hunting material that could not be raffled Texas shooting.

According to the raffle poster, participants had to “comply with all regulations” in Federal and Florida, where For weapons which are not required a Special license You don’t even have to go through a background check.

White ended the raffle by thanking the participants because the raffle “helped the school, which really needed it.”

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