Ecuador celebrated the last match of the qualifiers yesterday and Qatar has already qualified for the World Cup. Moreover, it was Lionel Messi’s last game in Ecuador. The joy was twofold: seeing and celebrating one of the best players of all time as the country went into its fourth World Cup in history. It’s a fair, deserved joy and celebration: it’s a sign of a great new generation, who have done their job well.

Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes once wondered why Latin American writers have so much imagination and politicians so little. A similarity can be created with football and other sports, such as cycling, weights, athletics, which gave us a lot of pleasure. These young men have simply overcome adversity and devoted themselves to doing good.

And this is what is requested in all orders of the country. Teachers, businessmen, workers, students, journalists, professionals in all fields should join in a moral and ethical commitment, which comes from the idea that everything is ultimately for the benefit of a group called Ecuador.

After all, it is the request of the political class. The fate of the country has been handed over to them. They must make laws and regulations and fulfill the functions required by the constitution. And to give them that confidence, Ecuadorians will not only have to work to improve their living conditions, but also become standards. Political and ideological policy must not be abandoned; It is only a question of recognizing and knowing for a moment what one must have is that a country is moving towards the goal of genuine common good.

While the country is mired in a political crisis where one of the worst situations has been mentioned, Cross Death – with such perseverance that it seems an inescapable fact – has hundreds of Esmeraldas families in distress due to the earthquake; The rains caused similar incidents in Cotopaxi, Azuay and other provinces. It’s about doing just fine. That would be a good move.

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