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Vladimir Putin with the worst reputation in the history of the Internet

The War and invasion of Ukraine Has transformed the president of Russia, Vladimir PutinLike the person with The worst reputation Of its history InternetAnd the network is flooded Millions of news and messages of contempt Him.

More than that since he decided to invade Ukraine on 24 February 12 million negative news (Spanish only), Thousands of tweets, Critical videos Which have gone viral on various social networks, labels or hashtags and Many marketing campaigns To promote T-shirts or objects that attack and reject the Russian president.

Is from information Spanish Internet ObservatoryA personal entity that was created and specialized 20 years ago Trend and event analysis Network related.

The results of the investigation

This Wednesday, March 30, 2022, reveals the data released by the Observatory that at this time In recent weeks the network has become an echo and reflection of the rejection caused by this war.And they have underlined that the event has created new archeological types of “haters”, “trolls”, “punishers”, “mercenaries” and “cyber saboteurs” in the networks.

Armed conflict has erupted, according to ObservatoryA The legacy of millions of negative comments, derogatory adjectives, provocative tweets and anti-Putin groups Which have been posted on Facebook or Telegram.

Some major internet search engines have changed some search suggestions and Add Putin’s name “With terms like thisWar“,”Personal destiny“,”Genocide Ukraine“Or”Poisoning

Blogs have surfaced on the Internet indicating allegations of oligarchs’ alleged corruption, Putin’s fate abroad, her boyfriend, secret children and even plans to end the life of a Russian leader.

The war and the invasion of Ukraine have made Russian President Vladimir Putin the most infamous figure in the history of the Internet, and networks have flooded him with millions of news and messages of contempt.

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