Cynthia Viteri was fully involved in the campaign for mayor of Guayaquil. Photo: Twitter Cynthia Viteri

Cynthia Viteri He sank into it Campaign By Town Hall From Guayaquil Despite not being anointed on May 17, 2022 Social Christian Party (PSC).

The mayor of Guayaquil encouraged Applicants At your expense to participate Departmental selection February 2023.

So far, Jimmy Gerala, Pedro Pablo Duarte and Nicolas Lapenti have expressed a desire to occupy the office of mayor of Guayaquil.

Jayarala The team will be the standard bearer The center of democracyWhen Duarte doesn’t have one Team structure And wants to be Lapentti’s anointed PSC.

“I will listen to your suggestions and if there are any good ones, I will use them in my new term,” Viteri said during his three-year term in office.

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Last week, the PSC fielded candidates for six cantonments in Guayaquil, but postponed announcements in the province’s three most populous cities, Guayaquil, Duran and Samborondon. Viteri noted that Christian social candidacy would be announced soon and announced that he had already seen a bipartisan. “For PSC, she changed her husband first rather than her party,” she said, adding that she would only opt for that political shop.

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