Mayor of Guayaquil, Cynthia ViteriOn Monday, March 28, President Guillermo responded to Lasso’s request for internal revenue services on social media (SRI) And the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit (UAFE) investigates her ex-husband for buying some land.

“Your decision, Mr. President, was very correct,” Viteri said when he retweeted the communications secretariat message where he reported the request for an investigation.

The President requested an investigation Joaquin Villamar, A former partner of the mayor, after publishing a report on Diario Expresso. After the publication, protesters who identified themselves as followers of the mayor went to the press to insult the organization.

Acquired by Villamar 80 lots The sector that connects Guayaquil with the resorts of Guas and Santa Elena, where the city plans to build its future New airport International. More shopping than that 90,000 square meters Implemented Maybe The 2020When he was still Swami According to an investigation by Guakil Media Outlet, Veterir.

“I broke up my marital partnership with the father of my child 11 years ago,” Viteri later wrote on social media. In Lasso’s letter to SRI, he recalled that after the termination of the marital partnership, “Mr. Joaquin Cupertino Villamar Cabello also received zero assets and resources.”

“They can find me whatever they want. I am calming my mind, “said the mayor. In his statement, he noted that there is a political interest in influencing his image in an election year.

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