A trip, a Mobile phone And applies to a window named method Kangaroo robbery That combines both agility and carelessness. Argentine newspapers have published this news Clarin This Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

Julia, 24, was the victim of the incident last Thursday, but the “bad drink” did not end there, when – in addition – her data was stolen to gain access to her account. Payment market.

With the expansion of users and the management of money in virtual wallets, telephone theft makes victims even more vulnerable.

“I am The app had all the security features it had to offer. Used facial recognition for both my phone, iPhone brand, device and Mercado Pago. In addition, it sends a message when requested to login but, since I did not have the line, it did not allow me to retrieve the password, “said Julia, who took to Twitter to condemn the scandal.

In dialogue with Clareon“I use the application a lot, it contained 18,000 pesos,” he said. With the epidemic it saved me, I stopped managing money and you do everything fast. Now to recognize me with this phone I had to take off my mask before paying for it. I don’t understand how they can violate it to do this and more if I report everything right now. “

Anger of damaged passengers

The theft of a mobile phone took place at 8:40 pm on Thursday last week. “Normally, we fought but the bus stopped, the thief hung himself and held my hand to get it out. When I get back home I open Instagram to let my acquaintances know if I have any questions. I canceled homebanking, telephone lines and cell phones from Apple.

When I had to report by Mercado Pago, around 9:15 pm, it got complicated because if you don’t have an active line in your possession they won’t let you regain access to your account, but they robbed me and it was night, I a Couldn’t buy new SIM “, summarizes scandal.

After reporting the theft through a communication channel established by the company, he retrieved his line the next day and was able to access the application again from an additional cell phone. When he is able to open it, he realizes that his worst fears have come true: between debt, cost and purchase. They spent about 32,000 pesos.

In other similar cases

Matthias Steinberg also shared his experience in Julia’s post: “The same thing happened to me in January, just like you, they snatched me and took out a loan through Mercado Pago. After the complaint, they canceled it, but the money that was transferred to another account was never returned to me, they apologized. I’m tired. “

To the annoyance of other users, he added: “Account data was there. The unusual reaction they gave me when they asked me to return what they had taken from me was: ‘For this reason, our terms are established that you are responsible for all activities performed on your account. ‘

Sabrina Perupato (19) also shared her experience: “The same thing happened to me, Marcado Pago didn’t give me a ball, the funny thing is that the jet was loaded * Atentis * upload it, credit it to your cell phone Gone upstairs, I smile so I don’t have to cry. ”

How to prevent such theft?

To reduce exposure to fraud or phishing so that users may be harmed, give a few days Safety advice.

They suggest contacting in case of phone theft Customer service To file a complaint and to block the account in a preventive manner.

Through a verified account on a social network, Help section of the website Or from an active platform on another device. They also recommend Suspend the phone line With the service provider company.

To prevent such incidents, one of the options is to use a two-step verification system, e.g. Google AuthenticatorPhone call or SMS.

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