On Tuesday, June 26, the government and Kanai could not continue the dialogue. Photo: Konai

The president of the assembly, Virgilio Sakuisela, has invited the government and Konai to find a deal this Tuesday, the afternoon of June 28, and to continue the dialogue to end the national strike.

A new meeting between the two sides was scheduled for 09:00 this Tuesday, but the official representative, the government minister, Francisco Jimenez, did not attend. It happened after a military convoy was attacked in Sukumbios and a man wearing a uniform was found dead.

At 12:45 p.m., President Guillermo Lasso reported with a national broadcast that he would not continue the dialogue with Konai’s President Leonidas Izar, whom he called an opportunist.

The head of state assured that the government had initiated a settlement and “implemented specific measures to demand the rights of our indigenous brothers. But we are not going to negotiate with those who have taken Ecuador hostage; those who attack our security forces and play with the health and lives of Ecuadorians.” Until there is the necessary guarantee, the dialogue process cannot continue. ”

Sakisela invited the government to a new reunion at 2:00 p.m., but that did not happen until 3:00 p.m. At 3:25 p.m., he asked both sides to resume dialogue.

CNE President Diana Atamint did the same.

Meanwhile, no one has accused Lasso of breaking the dialogue. “The government stopped the dialogue, confirming its authoritarianism, lack of will and incompetence. We blame Lasso for the consequences of his warming policy. We demand respect for our supreme leader. Lasso doesn’t break up with Leonidas, he breaks up with people, ”says the tribal organization.

# Attention | Lasso suspends dialogue with Konai over attack on troops in Shushufindi. Https://bit.ly/3bziaqG

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