Virgilio Sakisela, President of the National Assembly. Photo: Patricio Terán / El Comercio

That spear is no more I cried I hung it on the office wall Presiding over the assembly. There is now Scenes Y. Photos Of the family Virgil Sakisela. The new president posed smiling in front of the camera. He didn’t have a script on the desk, which is on the other side of where Lori was.

Do you feel safe? The government has questioned the legitimacy of his appointment.

The Constitution Its division is clear Power. We do not need the approval of any other state power. Issues are resolved within the legal power. 81 Will ordered the dismissal of the President. I had to be held by legal obligation, not that I was elected.

You think you are the guardian of the law, but in this case you have not complied with the sentence of the judge …
The precautionary measures, in the first place, were temporary. Anything that goes against the legal, constitutional norms is illegal. Under that concept, the plenary of the assembly has been resolved politically.

Is the final decision irreversible?

Yes, plenary is the solution to assembly problems Legislative power cannot be interfered with by judicial power.

How to coordinate with the executive branch? Government minister called you?

No. The president was here on May 24 and said he was extending his hand for a serious dialogue. There are laws, such as the Labor Law, a new investment bill, which is of interest to both the executive and the legislature, and it needs to be enacted. There is no way in democracy without dialogue. We acknowledge that we are not just extending one hand, both, because dialogue is the way and we have to find it, we are interested in the governance, the stability of Ecuador.

How do you react to some of Lori’s statements, which refer to her as “traitorous, shirt maker, aggressive and violent”?

I respect the standards of the former president, I respect her as a woman, a woman who stays in the political structure, it is important that women are in politics. However, I believe that the criteria for a majority in the legislature was that the functions were not fulfilled. I’m not a shirt maker or something like that, I’m a politician with a long history.

But you were a candidate for Pachakutik, Krio, Democracy C7.

I have only one ideal, and that is to serve the citizens.

In the beginning, how was the conversation with you for the post of first vice-president?

I have a friendly relationship with the President of the Republic. I was mayor of Canberra, I met the president at many events in my town, we talked. In the second round, although I could not get there for the crew, the President called me to invite him to support me. We believe in a serious government plan for the President, we hope that this plan will still be in effect, we believe that better days may come for Ecuadorians based on economic stability. We, as an assembly, are here to help out the differences that occur in politics. As mature politicians we have to sit down and talk.

What was it like to be the first and only expelled from the ruling bloc?

The issue of investment law was a turning point. He can only do the legal process: a negative motion, and not send a vote and let it go through the law ministry, because it would be illegal.

There are binding laws. Which of them will get priority?

We are going to make a draft agenda for the consideration of the block heads among the 15 presidents of the commission in the coming days. The arrangements I made are there on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Full face-to-face meeting at 09:30 and 15:00.

Will the agenda that was proposed last year be reconsidered?

Yes, you have to be realistic. The current legislature has introduced 250 bills or more.

How will the political justice process?

There are several political trials that have been presented for months. The order of priority, the order of presentation and the order of approval in CAL and the order of delivery to the inspection commission. Orders cannot be changed.

Today (yesterday) the issue of regulators has been resolved, whether there is a trial or not, there is CNE, which is not legally and constitutionally mandated to be tried in an election year, comes to the Judiciary Council, four members of Cpccs and seven vowels of Cpccs.

Virgilio Saquicela Espinoza

He is a doctor of law and a 48-year-old politician from Kanar, an assemblyman from Kanar. He is the current President of the National Assembly. He was twice president of the Canaan Bar Association, a member of the Ecuadorian National Federation of Lawyers; Councilor and Mayor of Azogos Canton.

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