Culinary joy is the order of the day. And all the food that will be for sale in the swamp Butter opensFrom Canton Vince (Province of Los Rios), Corn Great guest. Be it salt cake, humitas, torejas, mazamora, sweet cake. Or shrimp casserole, fish casserole, corn is an essential ingredient in everything.

Or what about tamal and muchin, cooked or fried corn. All one Diversity of food That will be given to viewers who will meet on Sunday, April 10, at Corn festival.

This is traditional Celebrate Montubio It has been re-launched after being suspended due to the Covid-19 epidemic. The Association of Farmers Nuevo Amanesar, Mujeres Emprandedoras and El Requerdo, which brings together 46 families, will be responsible for preparing the products.

“Moreover There will be prizes. Farmers will be recognized for being the largest shrub, the largest shrub, the most productive, the largest row and the largest crop, ”he said. Julieta Sotomayor Munoz, Farmer Nuevo Amanecer and president of the Women Entrepreneurs Association. “These activities motivate people in rural areas to participate.”

Artistic activities

There will also be festivals Artistic activities, Such as folk and modern dance, as well as formless terms. “Apart from that, we have the election of the queen of corn, Pelucita del Caclo. There are great rewards for the men and women of agriculture who work in the northern sector,” the leader pointed out.

Corn growers have visited Guayaquil to promote the festival, which will be held on Sunday, April 10. Photo: Juan Carlos Holguin / EL Commerceo

Sotomayor says they don’t deal with so many products. “We can’t take the initiative because this product is day in and day out. We try to make sure that the grain does not dry out, but that it is soft enough to produce and keep working. “

The capital invested by each person is between USD 500 and 1,000. The leader further hinted that there are many expectations ahead. Tourists visit.

Wetlands Butter opensLocated 10 km from Vincennes, its area is 22,500 hectares. The Ministry of Tourism Note that this is the fourth Ramsar site in Ecuador. In addition, it is considered to be the most important natural resource in the world. According to the state portfolio, it is home to 120 endangered species of birds.

For this and many more, we invite you Vince The nature of it is to explore the landscape, “said Jose Flores, director of the Ministry of Tourism’s Zonal 8. “It simply came to our notice then Montubio Rhodes The legend that the cocoa-producing Hasindas exclusively attracts the attention of locals and strangers makes this canton a potential destination. Agri-tourism

According to the official, “Today we are in a great moment Tourism recovery. And their co-responsibility to support the citizens and take care of us in the epidemic was fundamental. That is why we thank the people and invite them to be part of Ecuador’s reactivation. ”

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