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Report it Constitutional Guarantee Commission About 270 people for general amnesty. According to the chairman of the supervision table, Fernando Villavicencio (Ind.), The problem arises because the procedure deadline would have been missed.

Villavicencio complained to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Lorry in Guadalupe (PK), so that the members Commission, Investigated by the Radical Branch of Pachakutik and Corysmore, and possible sanctions were determined. The general apology is that, for the most part, people have been investigating the events of October 2019

“Since they are concerned about the conspiracy, they forgot to meet the deadline and sent the February 11 document, the general amnesty report, but without the signatures of the commission legislators, which means the document was never presented in practice. “She is OK.

That is what the MLA saidHere is a violation of the lawBecause the formalities would have ended after three days, which would have prevented the files from being known Complete.

The Constitutional Guarantees Commission was called for two sessions this Friday, February 25, but its chairman, Fernando Cabascongo (Ind.), Has canceled them. He did not mention the allegations.

Patricia Sanchez, another legislator in the radical branch of Pachaukutik, has denied the allegations. Violation. “This is a report signed by the President and endorsed by the Secretary. That’s what it does. If Mr. Villavicencio doesn’t know what a collegiate body is, I’ll send him for a test, ”he said.

According to Legislative lawWhether or not to grant a general pardon with a qualified majority (92 votes) depends on the fullness of the decision.

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