Misuse of an ambulance by Ecuador Institute of Social Security (IES), In the province of Santa Elena, has a record Video Which was spread Social media This Sunday, May 8, 2022. Health authorities have announced a ban on those involved.

How to record pictures Vehicles From Urgent A man was used for transportation, who, presumably, got to where he was going Let’s get married. The Ambulance Parked next to Highway And from there the young man in the white suit and tie came down.

The emergency lights of the ambulance were turned on and emitted the special sound that is the vehicles that transport the life-threatening patients. In the video, a woman is heard saying: “We are getting married, the groom has arrived, the expected moment … the groom has arrived.” Then, a so-called health worker comes out to open the back door for her and the young man in the suit shakes hands with her and the driver.

Following the video’s release, IESS stated in a statement that “The Ancon Basic Hospital The Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS) did this. Research To determine the interior Server That they were Involved It is Misuse of institutional ambulancesThose who have used it for one without the approval or knowledge of the authorities Personal theme

The organization said those involved will receive Administrative sanctions Similarly, attached to IESS regulations. “

It was also indicated that “the hospital will be vigilant to ensure that responsible use of ambulances is adhered to, which is ready for this.” Exclusive service Of Insured


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