A Triple traffic accident Registered in Panamericana E35, Chorlaví Sector, Province ImbaburaOne was seriously injured and the other was slightly injured.

The Urgent It happened on the afternoon of Sunday, April 10, 2022, when the driver of a blue Chevrolet Avio was apparently driving. Extra From Velocity Lost stability and hit two other vehicles in the middle and right lane.

A vehicle after the accident Ran Digital site Hoy en Imbabura reports an elderly man walking down the sidewalk with three minors.

Video of the crash, which was captured on camera in another car a few meters behind the E35 road, went viral on social networks.

After the triple crash, it was seen how two teenagers were crying for their uncle who was hit by a red car. Another minor was injured when he fell to the ground and hit the wall.

Authorities have not confirmed the condition of the passengers of the vehicle or what happened to the accused person responsible for the accident. Media Hoy of Imbabura indicated that the driver of the blue car was driving while intoxicated.


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