Camilo Echeverri and Ivaluna Montana are out of happiness with him Born His blue daughter.

After Participants All yours Followers Hours before its arrival ChildrenNow the singer couple take every advantage Opportunity To show Social media Emotional Moment With his daughter.

‘Glue dance’

In the last few hours, Ivaluna Montana herself has been the one who published one Emotional video Where Camillo can be seen Dance With him Girl tied up In it Book In a kind The band.

In the footage, hit singers like ‘Manas de Tijera’ are seen dancing to the beat of Indigo. Song What? Will come Inside Path: ‘Injury

‘Pegao, like a man Discotheque Pegao from the city ‘, Pegao sounds like a pot of rice Recording.

“The love of my life I hit To my love Lifetime“Ivaluna wrote in the publication.

The video is already done Reproduced There are over 600,000 times and over 6,000 comments

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