In a video that was recorded from the window of a building and shared on social networks, you can see how a battle tank is moving on the streets of a residential area. KievCapital UkraineSuddenly out of his way and over a private car.

The incident was recorded after a Russian military attack on the Ukrainian capital Russian President Vladimir PutinIn the last few hours he will direct his troops to launch a major offensive in Ukraine.

The completely wrecked car was heading in the opposite direction Battle tanks And the sedan driver, an older adult, didn’t have time to react and evacuate the tank. So far, It was not immediately clear if the tank belonged to the Russian or Ukrainian military..

Several civilians and relief agencies rushed to the scene to help the elderly, who miraculously survived. The video shows how people desperately worked with tools to free the man from the car’s broken cans.

Victor Barbash, 58, a Kiev resident who witnessed the incident and assured the English newspaper The Sun that it was “It wasn’t a miracle, it was for fun, there was no need for it. He stopped, backed up and started driving. “

The English newspaper Daily Mail reported that, in parallel, very close to where this incident took place. Two Russian soldiers were shot dead Those wearing military uniforms apparently tried to enter Kiev and were killed by Ukrainian forces.

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