Women’s Champions Final Barcelona-Lyon (S / 7:00 pm)


Barcelona and Lyon will play in the Champions League final on Turn today. The former Bar্সa captain and current City player, who took over the trophy a year ago, has not forgotten the path.

Vicky Losada, former captain of the bar
Vicky Losada, former Bara captain.David RamrezAraba

Vicky Losada (Terrasa, 1991) has a tough look. Who do not even need Parliament to strengthen it. Proud to have written a biography with journalist Andres Corpus [Vicky Losada. Capitana. Editorial Oberon], He replied, keeping his eyes fixed on the reporters, thus preventing the artificial one from slipping through any cracks. Of course I’m in trouble. We footballers go against the tide. But I adapted, he admitted. She is the one who tied the Barcelona bracelet around her left hand, who won the first women’s Spanish football championship a year ago. He will also be in Turin this Saturday, where the Bar্সa team wants to hold the crown against seven European Cup legend Olympique de Lyon (7:00 pm, La1, DAZN). Losada, now a Manchester City footballer, watched the doubles match from the commentary position. And, at height, you can continue to convince yourself that it was worth it.

The prospects are scary.
I started amateur football. We trained at night, we bathed in cold water … he even wore other years’ clothes. Although it was the first women’s section, none of us knew it. It was shadow football. A hobby you played on Sundays, you spent 12 hours on the bus, and people went to work on Mondays.
It wasn’t normal.
What was it. We also had no support and no way to raise our voices to be heard. Our society thought women could not play football.
They insulted her and she did not cry. He looked silently to the front.
Bad things did not enter my house. My family is very humble. Staff. I have always had the support of my parents. I used to listen to those words on the farm but later my father’s anger did not enter the house. I have educated myself by ignoring insults.
In the book he speaks specifically of one.
Butch. I heard it at school. I was the only girl who went to play football with the boys. But during adolescence you start to take a little care. In fact, at ESO I stopped playing as much as I wanted. They said to me: ‘Look at that, it looks like a kid is playing.’ These are things that relate to how you are educated at home and in the community. Our country has historically been a macho country. Now that has changed, but it is a country that has historically been sexist and women have always been below men. It’s getting better. Football is a very patriarchal world. It was not normal to see a girl playing.
She wears a rainbow flag on her boots and her partner’s name [la portera Emma Byrne, a la que conoci durante su etapa en el Arsenal]. Do you feel comfortable as an icon of the LGTIBI movement?
Now yes, not before. What will they say? Life and experience have made me more confident. And I got to a point where I realized something: not everyone will like you. You have to accept yourself as you are. And you have to be happy that way.
How do you feel when you see your photos embracing the Champions League?
It was wonderful. I have gone so far in women’s football that it seems surreal to me that we have won the Champions League, that field is now full of people, that we are on television, that our names are on the shirts, that the children sing our names … that I am the girl in men’s soccer As seen. When they asked me for my first autograph in the US, I didn’t even know how to act. This is what happened to me in Mini in Spain, when I went to watch a match despite being at Arsenal. There I realized that something had changed in Spain.
Is this Bara the best team in the world now?
Yes, yes, yes.
Higher than Leon.
It’s okay to grow up, yes.
Olympique de Lyon have won seven Champions Leagues and this was not Barcelona’s media coverage. There are those who criticize this slightly earlier recognition.
It has a name: Bara. Do not despise what the girls are doing. From 2015 to 2019 Leon was a great team. But in women’s football the visibility is not what it used to be. Like I’m saying now that I want to be five years younger than I am ten years more professional. Is it unfair? Yes, but that’s what it is.

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