The Venezuelan government on Thursday, February 25, 2022 called for a “return to the path of diplomatic understanding” in the wake of the crisis in Ukraine following the military operation announced by the Russian president. Vladimir PetniThis morning.

Venezuela called for a return to diplomatic understanding through effective negotiations between the parties involved. Collision To avoid an increase, “the executive said in a statement released by President Nicolas Maduro on his Twitter account.

Russia The attack took place yesterday morning UkraineAfter months of military tensions and asking the self-proclaimed separatist republics of Donetsk and Lugansk for their help in “resisting” the Ukrainian army.

In light of the situation, the Venezuelan government has expressed “serious concern about the deteriorating crisis in Ukraine” and “regrets the violation of the Minsk Agreement by Ukraine”. NATO“Promoted by the United States,” he said “A joke”

He noted that the violation of these agreements, which they have been trying to resolve through negotiations since 2014, opened the crisis in Ukraine. The separatist republics of Donetsk and Luhansk“It violates international law and poses a strong threat against it Russian Federation, sOr territorial integrity and sovereignty. “

In this sense, r Executive Venezuelan He assured that “he wishes a peaceful resolution to this conflict”, while R.He rejected “illegal sanctions and economic assaults.” Against Russia.

“We call for a peaceful solution to the dispute between the parties. Dialogue and non-interference guarantee peace “Maduro wrote while releasing the statement.

On February 16, Maduro met with the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia. Yuri BorisovIn Caracas, where he acknowledged that his country was “on the path to strong military cooperation” with the Eurasian nation.

“We have approved a strong path Collaboration Military Between Russia and Venezuela To defend peace, sovereignty, territorial integrity, a strong military cooperation, “the president said in a statement at the presidential palace in Miraflores.

Without elaborating, he said Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino had said Instructions Precise“, As well as” completely high staff “.

Six days later, he filed a lawsuit against the United States NATO Russia wants to “end” militarily and reiterates all its support for the Eurasian country in the crisis with Ukraine.

“We are watching closely the events in Russia, Ukraine, not just now, the evolution of the process where the North American empire and NATO want to end Russia militarily, stop Russia and end it. The multipolar world is already a reality,” he said. The president said in a law broadcast by the channel Venezuelan television (TV).

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