Fresh products like vegetables are most available in markets, supermarkets and stores. Photo: Diego Pallero / EL Commerciio

Products As fresh Vegetables Y Meat That’s over Short supply. Shops, markets, supermarkets And other supply centers across the country were damaged Shortage Inside EcuadorFor the June 2022 protests.

Inside QuitoPeople set out this Saturday, June 25, 2022 in search of Provision, After 13 days of protests. The surrounding roads Camel, In the El Recreo area to the south, they shone brilliantly Inflow Of Buyers. However, they said it was less than other Saturdays Merchant.

This Center Of Supply, Its posts Fruit They are full. Maria, a market salesman, mentioned that she had Less bananas For sale, but the rest is normal.

Instead, some Business Of Vegetables Is that so Off. Those in attendance commented They don’t have Carrots, Kidney tomatoes, today, broccoli Y Cauliflower.

This product is also not available Supermarket. This supply shelf looks empty, some alternatives such as ‘baby’ carrots or Grated carrots.

Also Hanger Of Meat They are out of stock. Buyers were mainly those who could not be found Beef And there was little evidence Packaging Of Chicken.

In String Of Aunt Supermarket, The deficit has started this week. The company said the products were more Difficulty Rotten to reach, such as fruits and vegetables, as well Eggs, Chicken Y Bread.

National deficit

For something Supermarkets, The Local Its found in cities I saw Y East They have more shortcomings, as in the case of Tear.

However, they can also be seen in some coastal installations. Such as vegetables in Guas and El Oro Carrots, broccoli, herbs, corn And more

Inside BasinThere is a shortage of such food in the market Eggs, cassava, banana, orange, green apple, Among others Products Which came from other provinces of the country and the trucks could not transport Lock.

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