The coach of the Netherlands Louis van GaalThis Sunday, April 3, 2022 revealed that he is suffering in an aggressive form Cancer From Prostate And those who have gone through 25 sessions Radiotherapy.

“Chances are You die From Cancer From Prostate It’s not that big. Usually they are Disease Underlying Cancer Why one DieThe 70-year-old technician explained that in an interview with the Dutch network RTL4, “Lewis” presented a documentary about his life.

“I like to ask myself, ‘Do I want to show it to people?’ Well I think Disease And Death They Part Of Lifetime”, He commented.

The coach explained that so far he has not done so Release From Players Of Selection His Disease And that’s what he’s going for Session From Radiotherapy At night, later Training.

“Don’t tell people you work with because it affects them, so I thought they shouldn’t know,” he said. To go Cheeks. “They saw my red cheeks and thought” What? Type So Healthy“, But not the facts.”

The coach explained, so as not to Public So far, Entry From The hospital Where treated Cancer Through the back door. “It simply came to our notice then Handsome

Despite the illness, Van Gaal said he would have a purpose Selector From Countries Less Time The world From Taste 2022. “OrangeFace in phase Group Per Senegal, Ecuador And maid, Taste.

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