Signed by Gennaro Gattuso, the new general director, Shawn Bai, ordered that the coach be informed that he would not continue.

Jos Bordals, Paterna in training.CFV
  • New trainer Gatuso studied that five weeks in Valencia

Valencia fired Jose Bordals By phone. Although the coach has known for a few days that his times have been counted since Peter Lim signed Genaro Gattuso, he expected to be summoned to the office for confirmation. That did not happen. This morning, the man in Alicante received a phone call from the football director, Don’t do MichelangeloWhich informed him of his dismissal.

The coach has been on leave in Alicante since the end of the competition and despite having some conversations with Corona, he was not allowed to proceed to the precinct or be informed of what was happening in Singapore. The new CEO, Shawn byeHe sent her a message through the team manager that, at that point, Anil Murthy should take the reins after dismissal.

Valencia’s intention this morning was to contact his agent, but since they could not identify him, they chose to call the coach directly, but the conversation was not with Shaun Bai but with Corona. It’s almost the same Procedure Which follows the dismissal of Marcelino, who was also approached by Mateo Alemani, who left the club a few weeks later.

Valencia will implement a clause in the agreement agreed upon by both parties for which payment 700,000, They can give second year discounts signed. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Gattuso and a sports director

The departure of Bordals opens the door for Genaro Gattuso, who has signed for two seasons with an option for a third and has been studying the squad for weeks. Peter Lim has well explained to the Italians that the priority is to sell GuidesThat Usually to do A good offer, which could come from Atletico de Madrid, and probably also Jose Lewis Gay If you can’t proceed to renew it. Accommodation is also sought Maxi Gomez. It would be possible to think of inclusion from just making cash to cover the imbalance of at least 60 million euros. Introduction in both cases George Mendes To be the key

But the agent himself wants to protect his coach. With Corona without an asset of property, an unknown president and a general manager described as an intermediary, Mendes does not want Gattuso to be the only voice in a club that has to explain difficult tasks such as selling his captaincy.

That’s why he recommended that Lim appoint a sports director to help Gattuso. The goal has been achieved long ago Ramn plansThe former technical director of FC Barcelona, ​​who was unable to work with Anil Murthy. His departure may be positive, but there are names like Agenda Braulio VezquezThe father of Osasuna’s current sports director and side Jess Vezquez, or even Eduardo MasseyFormer Liverpool, Fiorentina, Leicester, Betis and Girondins.

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