During the Valencia-Celta, 15,000 fans gathered outside the stadium to protest the management of owner and president Anil Murthy. “We’ll kick you out of our club,” they said, waving a large banner

Valencia fans protest against Peter Lim outside Mestalla
Valencia fans protest against Peter Lim outside MestallaBiel AliEFE

Mestalla The league and its team have been fired from afar. The fight for Valencianism was to fight a more important three-point fight against Celta, as well Boardals, Carlos Solar Is Jose Lewis Gay What could be his last game at bat. Thousands of voices flocked from the avenues of Sweden, almost without silence in the stadium. A song of encouragement but, above all, a protest. “Mestalla Khali”, “Peter, go now”, “Anil, Bakhate, get out of Mestalla” and a large yellow banner with the black mark “Lim Go Home” (Lim Go Home).

This is the third massive protest by fans against the management of a property that, season after season, has dwarfed the club and it, though previously summoned, has been fed by published audios. Super game Where Anil Murthy reveals his plans for the future: the absence of signatures and the sale of figures like Solar, Guides or Gay, whom he offered to Joan Laporta for a meal in Barcelona a few hours later.

The fatigue of the fans has now been joined by Valencian organizations, who are immersed in the evaluation of the new stadium project and who have learned from the President’s inauguration that they will be condemned by the Meritons if they squander the given urban amenities. The club for stadium changes in 2005 and 2015.

In this weather, Peter Lim’s opposing platforms, led by Libertad VCF, de Torino a Mestalla and the Peace Association, have called on supporters to “play the most important game in club history”. “It is a matter of whether it happens or not. To keep Valencia as a Valencia sports symbol or to leave it in the hands of gentlemen who have no respect for the history, traditions and ideals of the people of Valencia”, explained Professor J.uan martin queraltFrom the president of the platform to Torino to Mestalla.

Martn Queralt has sought the help of LaLiga to take action against the management of CaixaBank and Lim, the club’s biggest lenders, not only in Valencian society, which has led to the club’s demise every year. He did not forget the politicians whom he had asked to close the doors of Palau de la Generalitale to “maintain the dignity” of the Valencian people in the face of Anil’s contempt.

Among them, he cited MPs who, like Enrique Morera, president of the Valencian parliament, supported the current Valencia leadership and “returned and began to support the cause against Peter Lim. They have gone from white to white.” Black and then green and they understand who Singaporeans are, ”the professor said.

For which Valencia was the director Arturo Tujan And having survived the second division exile in 1986, it was “the most difficult moment in the club’s history, as historic footballers like Daniel Ma, Enrique Saura, Vicente Gilotte or Pepe Balaguer told me they all had the same idea ৷ the most difficult moment,” he said. .

The game was played without the environment in the stands, some of them were completely empty. Out of 15,000 fans, just 5,000 inside, many of them performed in the 19th minute with the banner ‘Lim Go Home’. The revolution is going on.

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