The annual check-up that Daniela did for her 10-year-old daughter in 2021 was recommended by a pediatrician. Vaccine Against Hepatitis A. After reviewing the vaccine card, the specialist realized that he had no dose.

The family’s mother recalls that the review took place in July last year, when Camilla went on vacation. “The pediatrician told me he was up to date with all his vaccines, but he missed the hepatitis and I haven’t been able to get him yet,” he said.

Through news and social networks, Daniela learned of the acute hepatitis of unknown origin that mainly affects children and decided not to delay and take her daughter for vaccination.

Biological vs. Hepatitis A It is not part of the Ministry of Health’s routine child immunization schedule. It can be found Private center And it costs between USD 20 and 25.

Vaccine against it Hepatitis BOn the other hand, if it appears in the regular scheme and is in it Pentavalent (Meningitis due to diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, hepatitis B, pneumonia and Haemophilus influenzae type b). This applies to ages two, four and six months.

In addition, within the first 24 hours after birth a dose is given to the mother Previous Of Illness.

Hepatitis A vaccine is in high demand

Nurse Rosa Leone Vacunamed, In Quito. He commented that more people have been searching for the hepatitis A vaccine since Thursday last week.

The reason that Leon mentioned Parents They work from Monday to Friday, there was more flow last Saturday and that’s why they extended the operation time to 5:00.

In many cases, the nurse said, the children have only one Vaccine And they have not completed the two-dose procedure, so they have to start the process again.

Xavier Almeida, Vacunort’s administrative head, also indicated that they had registered an increase Demand Of this vaccine.

It had been proven since Wednesday, May 4, Almeida maintained, when the news was published in the case of acute hepatitis of unknown source. Their stock was closed from that day till Thursday the 5th.

Almeida noted that the increase was even more pronounced Quito Compared to other branches of the company such as Ibarra, Portovizo and Santo Domingo.

The Cost Hepatitis A vaccine costs USD 20 and USD 25 at this private center.

The importance of vaccines

In her practice, pediatrician Magali Montalvo always reminds parents that they should vaccinate their children against hepatitis.

Experts point out that most of them already have it and have not been treated for it Hepatitis A No. Intense.

For Montalvo, although the dose is not within the regular framework, it is important to apply biologically Kids To prevent IllnessIn particular School life.

“It’s a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. There they will be in contact with other children and may be at risk of infection, ”he said.

Hepatitis A can be transmitted by Food intake Or drink Contaminated water For Stool (Stool) that contains Virus.

Therefore, in addition to vaccines, Montalvo recommends Hygiene measures Such as washing hands, covering face when coughing or sneezing, washing food well and drinking boiled water.

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