With positive epidemiological indicators Extreme Of Covid-19National Emergency Operations Committee (COE) continues to lift restrictions and obligations Health is urgent.

Order dated April 28, 2022, to revoke the mandatory use of masks, added a boycott of presentation. Vaccine certificate To enter Airport On a national scale.

On May 5, National COE President Juan Zapata said the country must move forward Normalize The Activities Therefore, it has been decided to withdraw this obligation.

That is clear for the rest of the official Unnecessary activities Obligation to produce a certificate or vaccination card against Covid-19 is still in force.

Health Minister said on his behalf. Jimena GarjanWithdraw that though the document should no longer be presented AirportEach airline will continue to request it, as they have already done.

“Each airline will request for a vaccination certificate, after all, depending on whether they are traveling abroad, as each country has different rules,” said the health chief.

Zapata added that they have requested Ministry of Home Affairs So that, through the municipality, Control operation Unnecessary places where cards are needed.

Inside EcuadorPresentation of immunization certificate for entry into public places of interest, such as shopping centers and restaurants, valid from December 2021.

Provisions for the use of masks

Dr. meeting on May 5 National COE Approved a resolution dated April 26 to revoke the mandatory use of masks.

Garzan, in his epidemic report, noted that Indicator Continued rejection, which shows that the decision did not affect the behavior Extreme.

In its April 28 resolution, COE provided some exceptions to the use of face masks.

  • The use of masks in closed areas will be mandatory in health centers, hospitals and health institutions, for the staff working among them as well as for patients and visitors.
  • For those who show symptoms of shortness of breath, the use of masks in closed and open places will be mandatory.
  • It is advisable to use a mask in closed and open places for people with growing conditions and vulnerabilities.
  • It is recommended to wear masks in closed areas like public transport, air transport, classrooms of educational institutions of all levels and work place.


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