“Spanglish” used to speak Bad rabbit During an interview on the red carpet MET Gala 2022This Saturday, May 7, 2022, teasing was published on social networks

Social network users have gone viral with an interview in English that they did with singers of songs like “Safera”, “Yonaguni”, “You Don’t Know Me”, “Dakiti”, where they ask simple questions and limit themselves to give basic answers.

The video shows the so-called Bad Rabbit, removed from the penalty, naturally responds in Spanish and then tries to translate his answer into English, and on other questions he simply repeats what the reporter tells him with a laugh.

Criticism of several Internet users immediately began because they said he was only “chewing the English half”, others could recognize him because of his early English, and his fans defended him by hinting that at least he had tried and understood himself.

Earlier, the interpreter spoke of not following the standards set by the American music industry and assured that he would never sing in English.

“Perhaps it was necessary and they opened the door to this Latin boom, but for me that moment is over. It makes me very proud to reach the level at which we speak Spanish, and not just Spanish, the level we speak Spanish.” Puerto Rico. Without a change of pronunciation. We need to break the stereotype that Gringo is a god, “said Regatton in an interview.

Bad rabbits have memes

The costumes worn by the singer at the last MET Gala were not noticed, and the fact that she wore a beige dress with shoulder pads on her first appearance at the prestigious fashion event, had a headdress in her hair that pretended to be royalty, which immediately revealed memes on the networks.

On the other hand, the most-heard artist on the music platform, Puerto Rican, premiered his album “A Summer Without You” this Friday, which he described as the “happiest” of his career, and since his departure, the public has already heard it from various musical genres outside Regaton. Memes for and against mixed ingredients.

Bad Bani’s new album

The New CD Artist Bad Bani, “A summer without you “Includes songs by urban artists Rau Alejandro and Jay Cortez, Puerto Rican music star published on social networks on Wednesday.

“An Verano Scene Tea”, the singer’s sixth album with 23 songs, will also feature Tony Diz and Chencho Corleone, as shared on Instagram.

The list of collaborators in “An Verano Sin Tie” also includes The Marias Group, formed by Puerto Rican Maria Zardoa and Josh Conway.

Other artists who are part of the album are Puerto Ricans Buscabula and Colombian Bomba Esterio.

“A Summer Without You” will be sold on the digital platform next Friday.

Bad Bunny has already announced the details of this new album two weeks ago, when with an original strategy he put his famous Bugatti for sale on the internet for 3.5 3.5 million and interested parties who listened to his new song.

After “X 100pre” (2018), “YHLQMDLG” (2020), “Las Que No Iban a Salir” (2020) and “El ultimo Tour Del World”, “Un Verano Sin Ti” will be Bad Bani’s fifth solo album 2020). .

The new album comes after the Puerto Rican artist ended his tour of the United States with “El Ultimo Tour del Mundo” and his next “Hottest Tour in the World”.

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