America Registered in March Highest inflation rate since 1981, 8.5%Especially driven by Rising energy, food, and housing pricesPublished by this Tuesday, April 12, 2022 Department of Labor. EFE has given details in this way.

Prices rose 8.5% in 12 months, and rose 0.2% to 1.2% in the previous month. Consumer Price Index (CPI).

This is the biggest increase of the year in 40 years.

The report is the first to cover the effects of Russia’s aggression on Ukraine And this has led to Western sanctions against Moscow, which has pushed up fuel and food prices around the world.

Rising prices of several products

In the United States, only gasoline pricesE 18.3% increase over the previous month, And accounted for about half of inflation, the department said.

The Total energy prices rise 11% Compared to February, which saw a 22.3% jump in oil prices, according to the report.

Inflation has been 2% higher than the Federal Reserve for one year (US Federal Reserve) identified as a target.

The Rising fuel prices Causes an increase in Food transportation costs And material across the economy, which has translated into consumer price growth.

Price, however, They were expelled from the United States before Russia began its invasion Near Ukraine.

Thus, in Growth has been recorded in November, December and January Consumer Price Index (CPI) is 6.8%, 7% and 7.5% respectively.

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Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Tuesday, April 12, 2022

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