Daniel Salinas, Minister of Health of Uruguay. Photo: EFE

Four suspected cases of monkeypox Uruguay is currently being analyzed, as reported this Thursday, June 2, by Ministry Of Public health (MSP) in a statement.

In the text, the health portfolio reports that “these are individuals who have a travel history in the country who have already reported confirmed or suspected cases” and are being “monitored”; They are “in good health” and isolated in their home.

The Ministry Of Health He further explained that “their potential contacts have been identified and are under follow-up” and suggested that people submit “pictures of skin rashes with fever or fever sensation”, especially if they have traveled in the last 21 days “Immediately”.

Meanwhile, the cases have been mentioned before they were published in the local media Pasteur Institute in Montevideo For (IP) analysis, this entity indicated that “it will work to detect and monitor the presence of the virus from this month”. Center For Innovation Inside Epidemic surveillance.

“From samples obtained by MSP In suspicious cases Of IllnessThe institute will conduct genomic sequencing to identify and characterize the virus, “the IP statement said, adding that the results would be” confidentially distributed to the MSP within 48 hours of receiving the sample. “

Today is Thursday, June 2, d European Organization Of The medicines (EMA) stressed that the world is not due to a “public health emergency” Monkey poxDespite the recorded infection.

At a virtual press conference, Marco Cavalli, chief Vaccination techniques EMA, considering that current risk cases have been identified Monkey pox For the general population there should be a focus on “low and not excessive increase in cases” and focus on identifying, monitoring and managing new cases.

“We are dealing with a virus that is significantly different from SARS-CoV-2 (which causes COVID-19), starting from the fact that it is not easily transmitted,” he recalls.

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