The Tragic immigrant death The number of cases of hanging or falling on the wall between the United States and Mexico is increasing GeneralWarn pro-immigrant groups and ask authorities to help prevent them Tragedy High temperatures in the summer in the border desert have added to shipwrecks and deaths.

This is a vicious circle, explained EFE’s Juan Jose Guterres, director of the Coalition for the Rights of Immigrants, which brings together about 30 organizations. Lawyer For Immigrants.

This indicates that the lack of policy is forcing immigrants to speculate High riskAnd “coyotes” to raise more money.

On April 11, 2022, an immigrant died after hanging upside down from a metal fence for a long time, this week, according to the Cochrane County (Arizona) Sheriff’s Office. The Mexican authorities are the first to notice Urgent And reported to him the Cochise Sheriffs.

In February, immigrant Juan Carlos Rivera Serron, 37, first fell off a border wall, according to the San Luis (Arizona) Police Department. Marco Santana EFE of the San Luis (Arizona) Police Department said emergency services could not save him. Life and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Santana insisted she was apparently climbing the second fence and “lost her balance and hit herself.”

So far this year, 11 people have died

His death is one of eleven that occurred in the Yuma County desert this year, the same picture for all in 2018, when the tragedy began to grow in a sector that includes the San Luis area.

The county recorded 34 immigrant deaths last year, the highest due to summer temperatures. For this year, local authorities expect the death toll to rise, as reported by the Yuma Sheriff’s Office this week. The picture does not look different on the Texas border with Mexico. The Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP, English) reported the incident of two migrants injured this week while scaling the border wall at Clint, about 12 miles west of Vidrio’s port of entry.

Both men, who were taken to a hospital, were caught on April 1 by CBP surveillance cameras.

One of them, of Mexican descent and who was unconscious, was admitted with serious injuries and was placed on life support, but died April 5.

Her death is being investigated by the CBP and the El Paso County Medical Examiner’s Office (Texas). Meanwhile, another suffered a fracture in his arm and was deported after being released.

Shipwreck, another threat

In San Diego, California, federal and local agencies are investigating the sinking of a boat with immigrants that occurred on April 10 that left 37-year-old Mexican, Guerrero, dead, according to Mexican consular authorities.

They are also investigating whether another man, who was found dead on San Diego beach last Monday, was traveling in the boat.

“We should all be concerned about these incidents and the growing number of deaths at the border, but very little attention is being paid and nothing is being done to prevent them,” Guterres stressed.

A record 557 deaths at the Mexican border in fiscal year 2021 exceeded 300 in 2019 and 247 in 2000. Guterres further noted that this CBP number could be even higher. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) recorded 650 deaths at the southern border of the United States in 2021. For activists, President Joe Biden’s government is “more concerned with what Republicans think than establishing an orderly immigration policy that allows asylum seekers and workers to reach the country without risking their lives.”

“The numbers are growing. It is not resolved with a message that does not come, the strategy must be changed and quick action must be taken, “Guterres said.

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