Earlier, teachers from the morning of May 3, 2022 National Union of Educators (UNE) and student union representatives set up tent in front of the Constitutional Court (DC) Has started a Indefinite hunger strike It requires application Salary equality.

Teachers have condemned that “Suppression“By its members The police. They tried to stop them from setting up tents on the sidewalk of Jos তাম Tamayo Street. Even then 14 teachers They decided to star in the de facto measure in front of the CC building. This is also the case in Guayaquil.

The DC One has to say Order What did National Assembly On April 22, 2022. The assembly requested, “You make an issue Opinions Mentions Objection Total for unconstitutionality “, which President Guillermo Lasso did in his texts to approve or replace the provisions of the bio-law on intercultural education (LOEI)

On April 14, Lasso filed his objection, which Rejection Related Reform Texts Formula Financing to cover the costs generated by the equation.

Indefinite strike

Elizabeth VargasPresident UNE, Denouncing that the uniformed men did not allow them to settle because it was private property. But “here we are and Here we are going to stay Until the CC resolves, equals and repairs the rights of teachers, ”the leader said in a transmission from UNE Pichincha.

It demonstrates the rule of law and CC Freedom When there is a report from the executive parliament to correct the comparison, he demanded. UNE had earlier filed an appeal amicus curiae And their representatives expect receipts in the audience.

“We are teachers, We are not criminals“, He said Rozana Palacios, Part of UNE, from his makeshift bed under the tent. He argued that 6% of the total domestic product is also required for education and no longer cuts.

Christina CachaguyeCollective Women for changeSupports and leads strikes because teaching is more than just a profession 80% They are women. They reject the government’s “neo-liberal policy.”Stubborn The government has “failed to adhere to equality.

Edison Cantuna, A young teacher, will go on a hunger strike. He noted that Lasso had “disregarded” promises made during his campaign to fire teachers. “Only fighting will bring rights, we will go The final outcome So that the pay scales are met, which will create a better working environment for all teachers in Ecuador, ”he said.

In practice this measure is supported by representatives of the University Students Federation of Ecuador (FEUE), Of the Federation of Secondary Students of Ecuador (FESE), Teacher Unemployment Fund (MCF)And other student groups.

On the other hand, they informed from CC that only dispatch hearing was held today and No. This is a run plan Complete.


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