UNE called off the hunger strike after a 19-day stay in front of the Constitutional Court. Photo: Karina Sotalin / EL Commerce

Karina Sotalin. Editor (I)

The National Union of Educators (UNE) raised Hunger strike Taken on May 3, 2022, due to favorable judgment of the Constitutional Court (CC) Salary equality.

17 days after the de facto measurement, UNE decided to stop it. Something in those days Teacher They went out for Effect In it Health And others have rejoined. There were a total of 55 strikers in the “dignity tent” set up in Quito and Guayaquil.

“We have shown that only through organization, unity and struggle can rights be won and restored,” said Isabel Vargas, president of the union.

May 20, CC issued her Opinions The Assembly, after analyzing the arguments of the executive and 30 Amicus Curiae, decided to reject the President’s outright objection to the unconstitutionality. William Lasso In the Reformed text of LOEI, the equation is mentioned.

He directed to send the project to the legislature so that it can continue the process.

“UNE gives this victory to the people of Ecuador. 11 years after the proposal was submitted Reform Of LOEI (Organic law of higher education) has become a reality, “reiterated Vargas.

Pay equity financing

CC verified that “in a reasonably acceptable manner”, the assembly completed Analysis From Financial viability About him Effect In Public finance And identified the source of funding for the equation.

It shows that this government never had political will, it shows that it is a lying government, incompetent (…). We have defeated neo-liberalism, “he added.

Art. 139’s Constitution Determining that “if the Constitutional Court rules that (a bill) has no unconstitutionality, the Legislature will issue it and order its publication.” So, it is Leaders Of Guild They also marched towards the legislature demanding publication of LOEI in the official registry.

UNE will continue Consolidation With in June United Workers Front (FUT), for Large Budget For University education And for free admission to universities. The Trade unionist They will hold a sit-in program in the May 24 assembly.


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