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The Staff Indigenous rights Yaku Perez Was discriminated against by the authorities when they refused to acknowledge its legitimacy Marriage. The UN Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination passed a resolution on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

At Perez’s request, the committee examined the circumstances of his marriage Journalist French-Brazilian Manuela Lavinia. She married him in 2013, at an event hosted by the traditional authority of the Kichua people, of which she was a staff member.

Perez wanted to claim this marriage in order to apply for a visa Family reunification His wife was expelled from the country in 2015 after the two were arrested during a procession to protect tribals.

The request for reunion was rejected on the grounds that her marriage was not legally valid because tribal authorities were not able to perform the duties and register the marriage, for which she was asked to re-celebrate her union in front of civil registry officials.

Yaku Perez denies tribal marriage

“Refusing to recognize tribal marriages and asking them to remarry in front of civil registry officials is discriminatory,” he said in a statement. Release Committee member Mikal Balsarjak.

Such practices can be “dangerous.” Cultural activities And the amount of forced assimilation, ”he added.

The committee reminded that Constitution of Ecuador Defined as that stateIntercultural and multinational“Therefore, it must assure the indigenous people Collective rights Which allows them to freely maintain and strengthen their identity, ancestral heritage and social organization. “

Perez, who presented his case to the UN committee 2017Participated in the 2021 presidential election, where he was the third most voted candidate in the first round but was unable to enter the second round, where the winner was finally President Guillermo Lasso.

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