President Volodymyr Zelensky intervened in a video conference in front of the Luxembourg parliament last Thursday. Photo: EFE

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ukrainian is listed on the occasion of this Friday, June 3, 2022 Hundreds of days Of Russian invasion Ukraine has three requirements for winning the war: sanctions, arms and the status of a candidate for full accession. European Union (EU).

A statement from the Ukraineform Form stated that “the main pillars of our victory remain the same: maximum sanctions pressure on Russia, supply of necessary weapons and granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for full accession to the EU.”

He underlined that “from Russian crime “Against the Ukrainian people”, with the destruction of the Ukrainian economy and the famine “blackmailing the whole world”, “continued support for Ukraine must continue”.

He added, “Support for our states is the best investment in peace and the sustainable development of all humanity.”

According to the ministry, during the 100-day war, “the Kremlin failed to achieve its main goal: the victory of Ukraine.”

Sanctions in Russia

On the contrary, “Russia has Converted In the most authorized countries of the world, and in international organizations, their activities and their participation in international events have been significantly limited or suspended, ”he said.

“The Ukrainian army is resisting bravely and has liberated territory in various parts of the country. Ukraine is determined to achieve a complete victory against the Russian invaders, “he added.

The rules President of Russia, Vladimir Putin must “lose the ability to carry out external aggression, carry out information and psychological operations, spread corruption and manipulate history and culture in order to protect all the world’s influence and its aggressive interests,” he argued.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry has also called on the international community to support the formation of a special tribunal to investigate the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

“The Russian criminals The way things were done with the leaders of Nazi Germany must be brought to justice, “he added.

The ministry has also revealed it Confidence The victory of Ukraine in that war is a motivation for the renewal of the general architecture of world security and the creation of effective measures that “prevent the recurrence of Russian aggression or any other international aggression.”

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