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Ukraine has confirmed a “partial withdrawal” of Russian troops from Kyiv

Spokesman for Ministry of Defense of UkraineColonel Alexander Motuzayanik, this Wednesday, March 30, 2022, confirmed that there had been a “partial withdrawal of enemy units” in the vicinity of Kiev. Russia has promised to reduce its military presence in the capital.

“However, we are not yet talking about a large-scale withdrawal,” the spokesman explained, noting that “it is too early to know what Russia’s intentions are,” assuring Alexander Ife in an interview.

Withdrawal agreement

At a trading session in Istanbul on Tuesday, March 29, Russia promised to significantly reduce its activities in the cities of Kiev and Chernihiv, although both places were attacked tonight.

The colonel gave that hint Russian unit from the center of the country Its provinces are retreating eastwards Donetsk and LuganskConsistent with the recent Russian statement that they have already completed the “first phase of the operation”.

“We can confirm this information because we have seen that they are concentrating their activities there. The enemy’s offensive efforts did not stop there, “the defense spokesman said. East Donbass region, where a low-intensity civil war has been raging with pro-Russian militias since 2014.

Kiev, Russian purpose

Motuzyanyk noted for that It takes thousands of troops to capture a city like Kiev, What Russia does not have now is an “enemy.” Failure In between Try From Strategic Odessa dominationThey were able to launch a “revival operation” with small attacks from the coast to find out where Ukraine was responding to.

According to the spokesman, in the occupied territories of Russia, mainly in Donbass, his troops “High-precision weapons continue to be used to destroy vital infrastructure across Ukraine

“The enemy uses operational and long-range tactical aircraft. Russian Su-34 bombers fired missiles at targets in the regions of Zaitomir, Kiev, Chernihiv, Kharkov and Donetsk.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the Russian army lost more than 17,300 troops, 605 tanks, 1,723 armored vehicles, 131 aircraft and a similar number of helicopters in the war.

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